Dr. Colbert's Serene-3 - Adaptagenic Complex Including Patented Ginseng (GS15-4) Plus Ashwagandha & Rhodiola - 30 Day Supply

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Reduce Stress and Rebuild Adrenals to Help Your Body Build Resistance

Dr. Colbert’s Serene-3 Adaptagenic Complex includes natural herbal ingredients to help your body to not only reduce stress, but the health benefits also include building resistance against:

  • Fatigue
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety

Serene-3 contains 3 powerful adaptogenic herbs, one of which is a patented form of ginseng called GS15-4. GS15-4 has been clinically proven to provide:

  • 15 times increased absorption
  • 4 times faster absorption
  • 4 times more consistent absorption

What is Adaptogen

The term adaptogen is used by herbalists to refer to an herb that is proven to help enhance the body's resistance to anxiety, stress, fatigue and trauma. Adaptogenic herbs are natural stress busters that work to rebalance, rejuvenate and restore your body. They recharge your adrenal glands and make you capable of responding positively to stress. Three of the most popular adaptogenic herbs are ginseng, ashwagandha and rhodiola.


This unique ginseng extract delivers ginseng with higher efficacy, more consistent absorption, and an improved taste profile compared to conventional ginseng extracts. The substances contained in ginseng roots directly affect the adrenal glands, which secrete the stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin. Saponins slow down the formation of stress hormones, while choline works to delay fatigue brought on by physical activity. Polysaccharides boost your body's immune system and biotin helps to improve the health of your nervous system.

Why it works: Ginseng root is rich in ginsenosides, which carry potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains panaxins, polysaccharides, biotin, choline and saponins.


Chronic stress causes your adrenal glands to become depleted. Ashwagandha helps cope with stress because it maintains optimum adrenal levels. Further, it calms a stressed mind and balances the sympathetic nervous system. Ashwagandha is reported to reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol in chronically stressed individuals.

Why it works: Ashwagandha is composed of compounds such as withanolides, alkaloids and steroidal lactones. All of these are known to provide relief from chronic stress. Unlike other medications that mask the condition, this miraculous herb works by attacking the root cause of your stress.


Studies indicate that Rhodiola increases endorphin, serotonin and dopamine activity within the brain. Dopamine helps to increase your self-esteem and confidence. Having the optimum amounts of serotonin in your body aids in balancing your mood and keeps you calm and positive. Endorphins lift your spirits and make you feel good.

Why it works: Rhodiola contains potent antioxidants, phenolic acids, gallic acids, flavonoids and monoterpenes. This unique blend of powerful compounds optimizes your stress hormone levels and helps you to cope with stress.

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