Natural Vitality Natural CALM Specifics CALMFUL SLEEP, Mixed Berry Flavor - 6 ounces

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Natural Vitality CALM Sleep Prepares You for a Healthy Restful Sleep

Natural Vitality Calm Sleep takes you there with the stress relieving power of magnesium carbonate and glycinate. It replenishes your magnesium levels to relax your body and calm your mind. Then L-theanine, GABA and melatonin kick in to help you cross the bridge into full slumber.

Wind Down Your Day and Sleep Well All Night

Release the day’s stress and tension and set yourself up for a full night of restful slumber with Natural Vitality CALM® Sleep. Featuring the glycinate and carbonate forms of magnesium, which are easily absorbed, this anti-stress drink mix helps replenish your magnesium levels to melt away tension and create a balanced state of calm.

How can a simple mineral bring about such all-encompassing calmness? The secret lies in magnesium’s astonishing multi-tasking role in over 300 cellular processes in your body, including ones that support healthy muscles and bones, fuel your heart, maintain healthy blood pressure already within the normal range, and keep your brain and nervous system functioning properly. Unfortunately, today’s many relentless stressors can seriously deplete the magnesium in your body. Shoring up your magnesium stores helps relax your muscles to give you a welcome sense of Zen.

But Natural Vitality Calm Sleep doesn’t stop there. This targeted formula was designed for those times when you need a little extra help getting restful sleep and waking up refreshed. So, in addition to calming magnesium, you get Suntheanine®+—a patented form of the relaxing amino acid L-theanine, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)—a neurotransmitter that helps calm brain activity, and melatonin—the hormone that helps control your natural sleep-wake cycle. Together, this trio of sleep promoting nutrients helps your body get the quality rest you need.

Natural Vitality Calm Sleep is a nutrient-rich powder with a delicious mixed berry flavor that’s lightly sweetened with organic stevia.

  • Creates a full body calm with highly absorbable magnesium glycinate and carbonate
  • Supports healthy magnesium levels
  • Promotes restful sleep with added sleep-promoting nutrients
  • Tasty powdered mix makes a relaxing nighttime beverage


Simply mix the powder with hot water and sip before bedtime to wind down your day and sleep well at night.



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